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Through the Investing in Canada Plan, launched in 2016, the Government of Canada committed over $180 billion over 12 years for infrastructure that benefits Canadians – from public transit to trading ports, broadband networks to energy systems, community services to natural spaces.

The Plan is designed to achieve three objectives across its five investment streams.

To date, the Plan has invested over $151 billion in over 96,000 projects, 93% of them completed or underway.

These investments are delivered through programs administered by over 20 federal departments and agencies, and involve working closely with provinces, territories, municipalities and Indigenous Peoples.


The Investing in Canada Plan is designed to achieve three objectives: create long-term economic growth to build a stronger middle class; support the resilience of communities and transition to a clean growth economy; and build social inclusion and socio-economic outcomes for all Canadians.

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Jobs & Growth

The Plan is associated with the creation of 100,000 good, well-paying jobs each year and boosting our GDP at a time when we need it most.

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Sustainable & Resilient

The Plan has committed billions of dollars towards projects that are cleaning our waters, strengthening our energy grids, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

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Inclusive & Accessible

The Plan is investing in projects that are improving social inclusivity, accessibility for people with disabilities and quality of life for all Canadians.

Investment Streams

To promote economic growth and jobs, support resilience and a low-carbon economy, and build inclusive communities, the Investing in Canada Plan delivers investments across five streams:

Public Transit icon  Public Transit

Investments to build new urban transit networks and service extensions that will transform the way Canadians live, move and work. Learn more about the public transit investment stream.

Green icon  Green

Investments to ensure access to safe water, clean air, and greener communities where Canadians can watch their children play and grow. Learn more about the green investment stream.

Social icon  Social

Investments to provide adequate and affordable housing and child care as well as cultural and recreational centers that will ensure Canada's communities continue to be great places to call home. Learn more about the social investment stream.

Trade and Transportation icon  Trade and Transportation

Provide safe, sustainable and efficient transportation systems that will bring global markets closer to Canada to help Canadian businesses compete, grow and create more middle-class jobs. Learn more about the trade and transportation investment stream.

Rural and Northern Communities icon  Rural and Northern Communities

Investments to grow local economies, improve social inclusiveness and better safeguard the health and environment of rural and northern communities. Learn more about the rural and northern communities investment stream.

Additional Resources

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