Investing in Canada plan funding stream: Trade and Transportation infrastructure

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As a large country that relies on trade for its economic success, Canada needs to ensure that people and products can move quickly and safely to global markets.

Through Budget 2017, the Government proposes to invest $10.1 billion over the next decade in trade and transportation projects. This investment will help build stronger, more efficient transportation corridors to international markets and help Canadian businesses compete, grow and create more jobs for Canada's middle class.

One part of the Government's overall investment in trade and transportation infrastructure is the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative, led by Transport Canada. This initiative will prioritize investments that address congestion and bottlenecks along vital corridors, and around transportation hubs and ports providing access to world markets. For more information, visit the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative.

For more information, visit: Budget 2017: Building a Strong Middle Class

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