Investing in Canada Plan funding stream: Public transit infrastructure

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The programs in the Public Transit Infrastructure stream support the building, expansion, and upgrading of urban and rural transit networks that improve service and transforms the way Canadians live, move, and work.

Programs under the stream support major transit lines, the modernization of bus fleets, and the creation of multipurpose paths in communities across the country. These investments help Canadians move around more easily in their communities, create new manufacturing and construction jobs, increase commuting options, reduce emissions and pollution, and make life easier and more affordable.

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The Plan's Public Transit programs support the SDG objectives of making communities sustainable and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels in public transit.

Investing in Canada Plan Public Transit Programs

Infrastructure Canada

  • Building Canada Fund
  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream
  • Public Transit Infrastructure Fund – Infrastructure Canada
  • P3 Canada Fund

Details on total program allocation, number of projects approved and started, federal share of approved project value, reimbursements claims, and programs status can be found in the Funding and Implementation Table.

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