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Plan overview

Through the Investing in Canada Plan, more than $180 billion is being delivered over 12 years to provide predictable and sustainable funding for projects that will build modern, resilient, and green communities for Canadians.

Our plan to build a prosperous and inclusive country through historic infrastructure investments is set across five priority areas that are vital to the success of communities:


Delivering the plan

These investments are being delivered by Infrastructure Canada and 20 other federal departments and agencies to create long-term economic growth, support a low carbon, green economy, and build inclusive communities.

We are working closely with provinces, territories, municipalities and Indigenous Peoples to respond to the unique needs of communities from coast to coast to coast and to get infrastructure built that will improve the quality of life of all Canadians, no matter where they live and no matter what challenges they face.

Together we are:

  • Funding projects that will create good jobs and stimulate local economies to contribute to long-term prosperity.
  • Putting sustainability at the forefront of project planning and using a climate lens on our investments to build greener and more resilient communities.

Benefits to communities

This funding is at work in communities to:

  • Improve our local roads and highways, and the ports and terminals that link our communities to the world, so that Canadian products reach markets faster.
  • Upgrade water systems so that Canadians have clean drinking water and a healthy environment.
  • Roll out new buses and light rail to improve commutes for Canadians and help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • Create community hubs, cultural centres and recreational facilities that contribute to more inclusive and connected communities.
  • Build affordable housing units and upgrade public sector long-term health facilities and shelters to ensure more Canadians have a safe place to call home.
  • Support access to high-speed internet, giving Canadians better access to services and helping them learn, do business, and connect with family and friends.

To see where important investments have been made in your community, explore the geo-map. Details of the projects funded through these investments can be found in the projects list.

More information on progress under the Investing in Canada Plan and how it is benefitting communities is available in Building a Better Canada: Progress Report on the Investing in Canada plan 2016-2019.

Investments delivered through Infrastructure Canada

COVID-19 update

To address the challenges faced by communities as a result of COVID-19, the over $33-billion Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, delivered through bilateral agreements with provinces and territories, now includes a new COVID-19 Resilience stream, offers expanded project eligibility and allows for accelerated approvals.

Visit the COVID-19 Resilience stream page for more information.

As the lead organization for the Investing in Canada Plan, Infrastructure Canada is directly responsible for over $99 billion in federal funding that is flowing to provincial, territorial, and municipal partners through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program bilateral agreements, targeted funding programs and the federal Gas Tax Fund.

Funding is also being delivered to communities through:

Learn more about all programs delivered by Infrastructure Canada under the Investing in Canada Plan.

For a complete list of infrastructure projects across Canada and details about how and where these investments are being made, visit the Open Data portal.

Learn more about the progress of investments being made in each province and territory:

State of infrastructure in Canada

Bringing together public infrastructure data, knowledge and research information is key to supporting an evidence and results-based approach to public infrastructure programs and investments.

Under the Investing in Canada plan, Infrastructure Canada is partnering with Statistics Canada to collect and assess information about the state of public infrastructure across Canada.

Canada's first-ever Core Public Infrastructure Survey results were published in 2018, providing a national snapshot of the stock, condition and performance of public infrastructure across Canada.

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