kidfrastructure How it's done: Dorothy Street

How it's done

Rebuilding Dorothy Street

These photos show how workers fixed Dorothy Street in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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A newly constructed cement sidewalk beside an unpaved section of road along Dorothy Street

Construction workers put in a new sidewalk because the old sidewalk was full of cracks that made it dangerous to walk on.

The graded road surface along Dorothy Street

Next, we smooth out the road so there are no more holes and bumps.

Asphalt rollers compact the newly asphalted side of Dorothy Street, beside a milled section along the same road

Then, we put on a new layer of pavement and use machines called asphalt rollers to make the road strong and smooth.

The first layer of asphalt drying on the road surface

After that, we put another layer on top.

The freshly paved and compacted road surface along Dorothy Street, with new sidewalks and curbs along both sides of the road

All done! Now the road is nice and smooth so that everyone can be safe as they ride and walk along it.

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