Canada's Core Public Infrastructure Survey

The Government of Canada recognizes that there is a need to support its public infrastructure investments with quality data that will guide evidence-based decision-making. There is a need for:

  • comprehensive, objective, and comparable data on the stock, condition and performance of Canada's core public infrastructure assets;
  • data to track issues and monitor progress; and
  • understanding capabilities to improve the impact of infrastructure investments.

To meet this need, Infrastructure Canada (INFC) and Statistics Canada worked together to develop Canada's Core Public Infrastructure (CCPI) survey. The CCPI survey provides a national snapshot of the stock, condition and performance of public infrastructure across Canada, and is the first national survey to examine core public infrastructure.

The first round of the CCPI survey was launched by Statistics Canada in Summer 2017 for reference year 2016, receiving a positive response rate of over 90% from municipal, regional, provincial and territorial governments and Indigenous communities.

The second round of the survey was launched in Fall 2019 for reference year 2018. For both rounds, the survey was sent to municipal, regional, provincial and territorial governments that own or lease public infrastructure, in order to collect data on the stock, condition, and performance of Canada's core public infrastructure assets. Additional information on the survey can be found on Statistics Canada's website.

The resulting reference year 2018 data tables are available for:

  • Roads, Bridge and Tunnels Tables Article

  • Storm Water, Wastewater, and Potable Water Tables Article

  • Culture, Recreation and Sports Facilities, and Public Social and Affordable Housing Tables Article

  • Public Transit, Solid Waste and Asset Management Tables Article

The resulting reference year 2016 data tables are available for:

Each data table release is accompanied by an analytical release in Statistics Canada's The Daily.

For more information on the CCPI survey, including links to the survey questions, please visit Statistics Canada's Website.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the CCPI survey?

The purpose of the CCPI survey is to generate statistical information on the stock, condition and performance of Canada's core public infrastructure assets. Canada's core public infrastructure is broken down into the following nine asset classes: roads; tunnels and bridges; potable water; wastewater; storm water; public transit; solid waste; culture, recreational and sports facilities; and social and affordable housing. The CCPI survey examines all of these classes, in addition to asset management strategies. Data produced by this survey allows for analysis and comparisons of Canada's public infrastructure from a regional, urban and rural, and asset perspective.

The data will be used to enhance understanding of the current stock and condition of Canada's core public infrastructure. The survey provides information that supports all levels of government to develop policies to improve Canada's core public infrastructure, and to monitor and report on the progress of these investments.

Who participated in the survey?

The survey respondents are municipalities, regional, provincial and territorial governments, northern communities, public transit authorities and crown corporations.

How will the key findings be used?

The key findings of the survey can be used by various stakeholders to help make more informed decisions in the area of infrastructure investments across the country. Survey results report on the stock, condition and performance of Canada's core public infrastructure assets. The program informs all levels of government when making strategic investment decisions in infrastructure, helping to sustain the quality of life Canadians are accustomed to and to continue to strengthen communities.

Will there be future rounds of the CCPI survey?

Future rounds of the CCPI survey are anticipated to take place every two years.