Canada Healthy Communities Initiative

Canada Healthy Communities Initiative

Open for Applications

Community Foundations of Canada is currently accepting applications for project funding. The first intake for applications will close on March 9th, 2021 at 5:00PM PST. Details on project eligibility and how to apply for project funding are available on Community Foundations of Canada's website.

Community Foundations of Canada was selected by Infrastructure Canada through an open and competitive call for applications to work directly with communities to identify and fund local projects and solutions to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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About the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative

The Canada Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) is providing up to $31 million in existing federal funding to support communities as they deploy new ways to adapt spaces and services to respond to immediate and ongoing needs arising from COVID-19 over the next two years.

The initiative is supporting projects under three main themes:

  • Creating safe and vibrant public spaces
    • Projects that create or adapt existing public places such as parks, main streets, and indoor spaces that encourage safe cultural or physical activities, and local commerce.
  • Improving mobility options
    • Projects that permit physical distancing through permanent or temporary changes that make it easier for people to get around in their communities, whether walking, biking, accessing public and private transit, or other modes of transportation.
  • Digital solutions
    • Innovative digital projects that address changing community needs through the use of data and connected technologies.

Funding for the Initiative is being repurposed from existing funding for a second Smart Cities Challenge competition to support communities in dealing with the immediate and ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19.

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