Rural Opportunity Word Cloud - Long text description

The animation begins with a dark green map of Canada and the Canada wordmark. Each Canadian province pops up and transitions from dark green in colour to a lime green, while the following text appears to the right: Rural Canada has told us their priorities for economic growth. Text then fades out.

A word cloud, in the shape of the map of Canada, appears. The map image is made up of key words heard during roundtables with the Minister of Rural Economic Development. This is what was heard:

Broadband, retention, housing, growth, jobs, connectivity, Natural Resources, innovation, Renewable Energy, tourism, communities, rural, development, access, services, resilience, skills, infrastructure, business, support, respect, work, local, water, incentives, service, people, partnership, transportation, coverage, networks, internet, strategy, talent, wireless, solutions, attract, collaboration, entrepreneurs, sustainable, diversification, immigration, competitive, opportunity.

The word cloud fades out and the lime green map of Canada reappears, while the text What do you think? also appears.

The colour of the map of Canada then changes back to dark green, while the What do you think? text fades away.  The following text then appears:

Tell us! 
Infrastructure Canada
Rural Economic Development Secretariat
180, Kent Street, 11th floor 
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 0B6

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