Infrastructure Project Signage Guidelines
Guidance on Selecting the Correct Signage Approach

  • Canada takes a flexible, common sense approach to signage installations, allowing project managers to select the right type, size and nature of signage based on the project's specific nature. This recognizes that physical signage may not always be the best option. The use and size of physical signs should be based on project scope and size, duration and cost. In some instances, an interior sign placed in a lobby or a sign installed in a community gathering place may be a good alternative to an exterior sign. Not all projects will require a sign. For example, a sign may not be required because a project is of short duration (i.e. under seven days), represents a modest investment (i.e. less than $100,000) or is located in a remote area where signage would not be visible to the public. As well, several similar projects that are in close proximity to each other could share a single sign.
  • A federal government-only sign design is also available. Note that the federal government-only sign should not be used on its own. It is for use only with the signs of other funding partners, all of which should be of equal size and prominence. Please see Federal Government-only Sign Examples and Guidance on Use or contact Infrastructure Canada for additional information on when its use would be acceptable.
  • As appropriate, funding could alternatively or also be recognized through digital signage on a project web site, through a permanent plaque after completion, a mention in public project reports, and through web or social media such as Facebook or Twitter or another medium. Where digital funding recognition is used, caution should be exercised to respect the principle of equal recognition of all funding contributions. A similar approach would need to be used for other partners.

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