Building Canada Fund - Funding Categories

The Building Canada Fund focuses on projects that deliver economic, environmental and community benefits to Canadians.

A Stronger Economy

A strong economy is essential to maintaining Canada's competitiveness and long-term prosperity. Building Canada is helping build a stronger Canadian economy by investing in infrastructure projects that contribute to increased trade, efficient movement of goods and people, and economic growth.

Infrastructure projects that support economic growth fall into the following categories:

A Cleaner Environment

Building Canada is funding infrastructure projects that contribute to cleaner air, water and land. After all, a healthy and sustainable environment is fundamental to the health and prosperity of Canadians.

Infrastructure projects that support a cleaner environment fall into the following categories:

Strong and Prosperous Communities

Building Canada promotes strong and prosperous communities by investing in critical infrastructure. Strong, modern infrastructure positively impacts life in Canadian communities, making them healthy, prosperous and safe. Better public transit and roads keep Canadians on the move, treatment plants supply clean water to keep families healthy, and cultural and recreational facilities contribute to vibrant communities.

Infrastructure projects that contribute to strong and prosperous communities fall into the following categories:

In addition to capital infrastructure investments, Building Canada funds collaborative projects such as long-term plans, joint knowledge and research projects, feasibility studies, and capacity-building endeavours.

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