Provincial-Territorial Agreements and Letters

To help deliver funding, Infrastructure Canada (on behalf of the Government of Canada) worked closely with Canada's 13 provinces and territories to negotiate and sign funding agreements. Agreements have been signed with the provinces and territories for the following funds:

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2018 Infrastructure Bilateral Agreements

Infrastructure Canada has signed new long-term infrastructure agreements with all provincial and territorial partners to make unprecedented investments in public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural, and community infrastructure, as well as rural and northern communities.

2017 Integrated Bilateral Agreement Letters

On July 6, 2017, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities reached out to provinces and territories to establish next steps and launch negotiations to work with them to finalize these important agreements quickly. You can read the minister's letters here:

2016 Infrastructure Bilateral Agreements (for Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and Public Transit Infrastructure Fund)

With investments in public transit, green infrastructure and social infrastructure, the Government of Canada is building strong, inclusive and sustainable communities by increasing infrastructure funding over the next ten years.

Infrastructure Framework Agreements (for Building Canada plan funding)

The Building Canada plan provides $33 billion in stable, flexible and predictable funding to provinces, territories and municipalities allowing them to plan for the longer-term and address ongoing infrastructure needs.

Gas Tax Fund Agreements

On June 1, 2020, the Government of Canada announced that the allocation of $2.2 billion under the federal Gas Tax Fund would be accelerated this year and provided in a single payment in June to help Canadian communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as possible while respecting public health guidelines.

The Gas Tax Fund is helping to build Canada's communities by providing predictable and long-term funding in support of municipal infrastructure that contributes to cleaner air, cleaner water and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.