2014 New Building Canada Fund: Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component, National/Regional Projects
Project Business Case Guide for Proposed Projects Identified by Provinces/Territories
Annex E - Example of Project Financial Tables

Note: All figures should be rounded to the dollar (no decimals).

Example – Detailed Project Cost Table (in dollars)

  Description of Activities Eligible Costs Ineligible Costs Total Project Costs
Component 1   $XXX $XXX $XXX
Component 2        
Component 3        
Subtotals   $XXX $XXX $XXX
Contingency Amount (X%)   $XXX $XXX $XXX
Total Estimated Costs   $XXX $XXX $XXX

*add more columns as necessary

Example - Sources of Funding (in dollars)

Funding Source Funding Request
Government of Canada $XXX
Proponent X  
Other – Please specify  
Total Eligible Project Costs $XXX
Total Project Costs $XXX

Example – Estimated Project Cash Flow (Based on Total Eligible Costs, in dollars)

Funding Source 20XX-20XX 20XX-20XX 20XX-20XX 20XX-20XX Total
Government of Canada $XXX $XXX $XXX $XXX $XXX
Proponent X          
Other – Please Specify          
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