PTIC Funding for Provinces and Territories

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What is it?

Each province and territory (P/T) is allocated a specific amount of funding from the federal government under the Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC) of the 2014 New Building Canada Fund. Funding amounts are allocated to each province and territory over the ten-year duration of the 2014 New Building Canada Plan (2014-2024).

Why is it important?

This is funding that provinces and territories can access to receive federal support for their infrastructure project priorities over the next decade.

How does it work?

Under the $10-billion Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component, each province and territory will receive a base funding amount of $250 million ($25 million per year over 10 years) plus a per capita amount based on the 2011 Census.

P/T allocations under PTIC over a ten year period are as follows:

Jurisdiction Base Funding Per Capita Distribution Total Funding
Canada $3,250,000,000 $6,392,400,000 $9,642,400,000
Newfoundland and Labrador $250,000,000 $99,018,276 $349,018,276
Prince Edward Island $250,000,000 $27,039,852 $277,039,852
Nova Scotia $250,000,000 $176,494,164 $426,494,164
New Brunswick $250,000,000 $143,637,228 $393,637,228
Quebec $250,000,000 $1,519,473,480 $1,769,473,480
Ontario $250,000,000 $2,470,342,980 $2,720,342,980
Manitoba $250,000,000 $217,085,904 $467,085,904
Saskatchewan $250,000,000 $186,658,080 $436,658,080
Alberta $250,000,000 $691,913,376 $941,913,376
British Columbia $250,000,000 $839,897,436 $1,302,197,436*
Yukon $250,000,000 $6,584,172 $256,584,172
Northwest Territories $250,000,000 $8,054,424 $258,054,424
Nunavut $250,000,000 $6,200,628 $319,900,628*

*Note: The allocation for British Columbia includes additional top-up funding of $212.3 million for the Lion’s Gate Wastetwater Treatment Project, and the allocation for Nunavut includes additional top-up funding of $63.7 million for the Iqaluit marine infrastructure project. The government anticipates that it will require $357,600,000 of the PTIC to administer infrastructure programs over 10 years, including audits and evaluations.

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