National Summative Evaluation of the Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund - Appendix 1 Joint Evaluations

Appendix 1 Joint Evaluations

TABLE 1: Gas Tax and Public Transit Funds Joint Evaluations number of persons interviewed, number of respondents to surveys, number of case studies


Municipal and Other Associations Municipal Respondents to Surveys Case Studies
Alberta 5 3 NA 29 NA
British Columbia - UBCM 8 5 6 68 12
Manitoba 4 3 13 168 10
New Brunswick 2 1 16 25 5
Newfoundland and Labrador 6 4 9 102 5
Northwest Territories 3 1 10 6 5
Nova Scotia 5 1 18 16 7
Nunavut 9 1 9 NA 6
Ontario-AMO 2 24 NA 150 391
Ontario - City of Toronto 1 NA 17 NA 4
Prince Edward Island 4 1 21 5
Quebec2 3 NA NA NA NA
Saskatchewan 4 8 19 108 5
Yukon 4 26 NA 5 NA
Total 60 202 NA 693 108
Federal Government Representatives 14 NA NA NA NA

Table 2: GTF and PTF Summative Evaluation Matrix


Under the Gas Tax Program, Canada, the provinces and territories and other signatories (AMO, UBCM, City of Toronto), and the recipients are subject to a set of reporting requirements under the terms of the Agreements.

Canada must carry out:

  1. a formative evaluation (April 2008);
  2. a national summative evaluation (June 30, 2009) incorporating the results of the joint bilateral evaluations;
  3. a national summative evaluation (by March 31st, 2016)

The Signatories, i.e. the provinces and territories, AMO, UBCM and the City of Toronto must submit:

  • An Annual Expenditure Report including:
    • amounts received from Canada;
    • amounts paid to Eligible Recipients;
    • amounts received from Canada for future payments to Eligible Recipients;
    • amounts paid by Eligible Recipients in aggregate for Eligible Projects;
    • amounts held at year end by Eligible Recipients in aggregate to be paid for Eligible Projects;
    • a list of all Eligible Projects that have been approved for funding, indicating the location, investment category, amount and identity of all sources of funding, nature of the investment and expected outcomes;
    • a narrative of the progress made by the signatory in meeting its commitments and contributions.
  • An annual Audit Report, which includes the results of financial and compliance audits, will provide an opinion as to whether all of the information contained in the Annual Expenditure Report is complete and accurate, and whether the signatory has complied with all material provisions.
  • An Outcomes Report no later than September 30, 2009, or December 31, 2009, and periodically there after, reporting on the cumulative investments made, including information on the degree to which these investments have actually contributed to the objectives of cleaner air, cleaner water and reduced GHG emissions.

Recipients of the funds are also subject to reporting requirements which are very similar to those of the signatories.

Canada and the Signatories must carry out a joint formative evaluation, no later than March 31, 2009. The evaluation will address the issues related to achievement of the objectives of this Agreement, the use of funding, the effectiveness of the funding approach, and the effectiveness of the Communications Protocol.

Under the Terms and Conditions for the Program, provinces and territories compile data to assist in tracking performance and the achievements for GTF are reported in the INFC Departmental Performance Report. The framework documented in the federal/provincial/territorial agreements preserves the accountability of the Minister to Parliament for the spending of the funding.

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