National Summative Evaluation of the Gas Tax Fund and Public Transit Fund - 4.0 Conclusions

4.0 Conclusions

Based on the joint evaluation reports and on the findings of this National Summative Evaluation, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • The GTF and PTF programs are relevant:
    • They have responded to a demonstrable and continued need.
    • The program objectives align with federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal investment priorities.
    • The shared responsibility and the accountability framework align with federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal roles and responsibilities.
    • Program flexibility is a valued asset for all stakeholders.
    • Funding predictability is a key component for sustainable infrastructure investment.
  • The GTF and PTF programs have demonstrated effectiveness in achieving expected outcomes:
    • Intergovernmental collaboration has been fostered through the GTF program.
    • Capital spending commitments by all parties are likely to be met.
    • The GTF program has contributed to improve municipal planning capacity.
    • Communications of the programs’ results needs to be improved.
  • Management of the GTF and PTF programs has been efficient:
    • Up-front funding objectives have been met.
    • Administration of the programs has been cost-effective.
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