New Champlain Bridge - Video - East Approach (Brossard)

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Text description of the video

The video starts with an introductory slide with a blue cityscape silhouette and, in white, the name of the project in French "Projet de corridor du nouveau pont pour le Saint-Laurent," and in English "New bridge for the St. Lawrence corridor project." The text then fades to "Approche Est" in French, and "East Approach" in English. The Government of Canada corporate signature and wordmark are also displayed at the top.

Background music begins to play.

The slide transitions to a map which outlines the entire corridor, highlighting the new bridge, Montréal, and Brossard.

The video then transitions to a view of the cable-stayed portion of the new bridge, with Brossard in the background. The vantage point follows the bridge and moves closer to Brossard, illustrating the bridge corridor’s connections to Highways 10, 15, 20 and 132.

The computer-generated video then zooms in to give a street-level view of the approach to the new bridge. Another view shows the approach to the multi-use path, with people walking and cycling along. Hydro-electric towers are shown close by.

The video then focuses on the P and V Sectors of Brossard, showing different views of the houses in the area and the noise barriers that separate them from the highways and the bridge corridor.

After showing a final street-level view of one of the interchanges, a fly-over view shows Brossard and finishes with the cable-stayed portion of the new bridge, with Montréal in the background. The video then fades to the disclaimer page. The disclaimer notes, in French, "Les images montrées sont une représentation conceptuelle de la conception proposée pour le Projet de corridor du nouveau pont pour le Saint-Laurent. Les ouvrages bâtis pourraient différer de ces images sujets à la conception développée par le partenaire privé." The disclaimer reads "The images shown herein are a conceptual depiction of the design proposed for the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor Project. The built works may differ from these images subject to the design developed by the Private Partner" in English.

The text then fades to the credits, which include thefollowing organizations: ARUP; Dissing, Weitling architecture; Provencher Roy; and Groupe SMi.

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