Samuel De Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

The Champlain Bridge in Montreal is being replaced with a new bridge that will open to traffic as soon as possible in 2019, and not later than June 2019. Work is progressing well on what is one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America.

Through a public-private partnership (P3) with Signature on the Saint-Lawrence Group, the Government of Canada will ensure a secure and long-lasting quality structure at the best value for Canadian taxpayers. The project will create thousands of jobs and have a positive impact on the local, regional and national economies.

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About the Project

The Samuel De Champlain Bridge Corridor project includes not only a new bridge crossing the St. Lawrence, but a new l’'Île-des-Sœurs Bridge and reconstruction and widening of the federal portion of Autoroute 15. The Samuel De Champlain Bridge will be in service as soon as possible in 2019, and not later than June 2019. The rest of the project will be complete in late 2019.

About the existing Champlain Bridge

As one of the busiest crossings in Canada, the Champlain Bridge is a crucial corridor for the regional economy and for Canada as a whole. As many as 60 million vehicles and more than $20 billion in Canada-United States trade pass over the crossing annually.

The Champlain Bridge is one of three major Montréal bridges managed and maintained by the Government of Canada, along with the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and the federal portion of the Honoré-Mercier Bridge.

A new Champlain bridge is required to ensure the long-term security of its users and meet the evolving traffic demands in the region.

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Map showing the new Champlain Bridge
Larger image and text description of map for the St. Lawrence corridor

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