Energize Bridgewater: Illuminating the Path to a New Energy Economy

Funding provided through the Smart Cities Challenge

In 2017, nearly four out of ten residents in the Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia experienced energy poverty, a challenge that affected the lives and well-being of its residents. Today, the community is at the forefront of an innovative transformation with their initiative, Energize Bridgewater. Their vision is nothing short of revolutionary: striving for a future where energy services are not only universally accessible and affordable, but also clean, efficient, and secure. Every dollar invested in this endeavour will yield a tangible impact on the lives of Bridgewater's residents.

As of Summer 2023, Energize Bridgewater has supported the following number of results — and counting!

The Town of Bridgewater is committed to reduce energy poverty rates by 20 percent by 2026. This isn't just an abstract goal, it's backed by a carefully crafted plan comprised of the following services: Energize Bridgewater Home Upgrades, Coordinated Access, Energy Management Information System, and Affordable Multifamily Housing, and Clean Energy Financing.

The Town of Bridgewater is actively leading a movement that displays to Atlantic Canada and the entire nation what's possible. They're demonstrating how a future that's brighter, more sustainable, and inclusive is not a distant vision, but an attainable reality. The Town of Bridgewater is setting a remarkable example for communities across Canada.

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What is the Smart Cities Challenge?

The Smart Cities Challenge (SCC) is a Government of Canada initiative that urged communities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve residents' lives through innovation, data, and connected technology. SCC has helped enable innovative and transformative change across Canadian communities. The Town of Bridgewater is one of four winners.

Quick facts about the Smart Cities Challenge

  • The Smart Cities Challenge was launched in 2017, encouraging communities of all sizes from across the country to take bold action to improve outcomes for their residents by applying a smart cities approach that leverages connected technologies and data.
  • The first round of the Smart Cities Challenge is closed. The Government of Canada announced the four winners (City of Montréal, Québec; Nunavut Communities, Nunavut; City of Guelph and County of Wellington, Ontario; and Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia) on May 14, 2019.
  • The Town of Bridgewater won the $5M Smart Cities Challenge prize.