Funding: Expansion of Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy - Designated Communities stream – Eligibility

Current status: Closed

The new Designated Communities are:

  • Abbotsford, BC
  • Chilliwack, BC
  • Cowichan Valley, BC
  • Lambton County, ON
  • Cochrane District (Timmins), ON
  • Kenora, ON

We will negotiate with the selected Community Entity in each successful community to enter into a funding agreement beginning in fiscal year 2021 to 2022 to 2023 to 2024.

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2. Eligibility

This section outlines the requirements that will be used to determine the eligibility of your application. It also outlines the assessment criteria that will be used to assess your application.

Eligibility requirements

Eligible communities are invited to submit a single application per community. At this stage, it is recommended that communities nominate one applicant to submit the concept on its behalf. Organizations interested in undertaking the role of a Community Entity to deliver Reaching Home are encouraged to work with the primary applicant to submit a letter of interest. If the community is short-listed, we will work with the interested organizations to identify a Community Entity.

Eligible applicants

  • Communities outside of Quebec and the territories with a population size of 25,000 and over based on Census 2016
  • At this stage, the application can be submitted by a municipality or an organization on behalf of a communityFootnote 1

Assessment criteria

Concepts will be assessed and recommended to proceed to the second step (targeted solicitation) based on the following criteria:

  • eligibility of applicant
  • population size
  • evidence of homelessness in the community, and
  • demonstration of factors within the community that contribute to homelessness