The Canada Community-Building Fund

Canada Community-Building Fund

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The Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) is a stable, predictable, and indexed source of funding provided up front to provinces and territories who, in turn, flow this funding to their communities. The funding allows local communities to make strategic investments in essential infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, public transit, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and recreational facilities.

The CCBF delivers over $2.4 billion every year to over 3600 communities across the country. Communities select how best to invest the funds, having the flexibility to make strategic investments across 19 different project categories:

  • public transit
  • wastewater infrastructure
  • drinking water
  • solid waste management
  • community energy systems
  • local roads and bridges
  • capacity building
  • highways
  • local and regional airports
  • short-line trail
  • short-sea shipping
  • resilience
  • broadband and connectivity
  • culture
  • tourism
  • sport
  • recreation
  • fire halls
  • brownfield redevelopment

These investments contribute to the development of Canada's housing supply by supporting infrastructure projects that align with regional housing goals, enable urban density, and help to improve housing affordability for Canadians. CCBF funding also contributes to the growth of strong cities and communities and promotes investments in increased productivity and economic growth and a clean environment. The renewed CCBF agreements tie access to CCBF funding to actions by provinces, territories, and municipalities to increase housing supply and affordability, where it makes sense to do so.

CCBF Administrative Agreements between the Government of Canada and the provinces and territories came into effect on April 1, 2024. These agreements will be in place until March 31, 2034. Through these agreements, the Government of Canada will invest $26.7 billion over the ten-year agreement period, ensuring that the CCBF continues to provide communities across Canada with a stable, predictable source of bankable funds to build core infrastructure.

CCBF in the Provinces and Territories