Transition Book

About the Infrastructure Canada Transition Book

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Table of Contents

  1. Infrastructure Overview
    1. Infrastructure Canada's Role, Mandate and Organizational Structure
    2. Profiles of Infrastructure Canada Senior Executives and Contact List
    3. Infrastructure Canada's 2015-16 Financial Overview
    4. History of Infrastructure Canada
    5. Infrastructure - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities (Diagnostic deck)
    6. Infrastructure at a Glance (Placemat)
    7. Support to Minister
  2. Infrastructure Programs
    1. INFC Programs since 2002
    2. Overview of New Building Canada Plan
    3. Program Funding Status
  3. Federal Montreal Bridges
    1. New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project
    2. Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated
  4. Key National Stakeholders
    1. Overview of Ministerial Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
      1. Annex A - Priority Telephone Calls
      2. Annex B - Potential Event Opportunities – First 150 Days
      3. Annex C - Provincial-Territorial Ministerial Counterparts
      4. Annex D - National Stakeholders
      5. Annex E - Biographies – Provinces and Territories Counterparts and Key Stakeholders
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