Project from Start to Finish: Highway 97 Westside Interchange

Location: Kelowna/Okanagan, British Columbia
Funding Program: Building Canada Fund – Major Infrastructure Component
Federal Contribution: $10,970,000

Heavy population growth in the Okanagan Valley is increasing traffic demands on Highway 97, the area's main transportation corridor. With a financial contribution from the federal government, the province made a number of major infrastructure projects to improve traffic flow. For example, the at-level intersection of Westside Road and the Okanagan Highway was previously prone to heavy congestion, increasing the risk of accidents and slowing the regional transportation network. The traffic lights were replaced with a new overpass, with on and off-ramps to keep traffic moving more efficiently. A second overpass at Sneena Road is also preventing traffic slowdowns and further reduces the risk of accidents.

An excavator removes earth from the hillside to prepare for building the road bed.

Excavating is completed for where the roadway leads to the new overpass.

Three excavators and construction workers install a concrete block retaining wall.

Precast concrete blocks and granular backfill are used to build a retaining wall.

Completed concrete block retaining wall and a grader levelling the road bed.

The new road and adjacent sidewalk start to take shape.

Construction crew pouring and smoothing out a new concrete sidewalk.

Workers complete the installation of a new concrete sidewalk.

A dump truck and asphalt machine laying a second layer of asphalt on the roadbed.

Several layers of asphalt are laid to create a durable road surface.

Workers inspecting ice rink floor rebar and refrigeration piping

The final product: a smoother, safer route with room for pedestrians and cyclists. The new overpass has improved traffic flow and increased safety.

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