Departmental Performance Report
Supplementary Information Table
Internal Audits and Evaluations

Internal Audits Table

Internal Audits (current reporting period)
1. Name of Internal Audit 2. Audit Type 3. Status 4. Completion Date
Assurance Audit of Financial Management Control Framework Internal Services - Finance Completed June 2013
Review of Information Management (IM) Data Quality Initiatives Internal Services - Information Management (IM) Completed June 2013
Assurance Audit of Values and Ethics Internal Services - Human Resources (HR) Completed March 2014
Assurance Audit of Information Technology (IT) Business Transformation Internal Services - Information Technology (IT) Completed June 2014
Audit of the Project Review Panel Internal Services - Finance In Progress October 2014
Review of Strategic and Integrated Business Planning Internal Services - Corporate Secretariat In Progress October 2014
Audit of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway Control Framework Transfer Payment Program In Progress January 2015

Evaluations Table

Evaluations (current reporting period)
1. Name of Evaluation and Link to Report 2. Program 3. Status 4. Completion Date
Joint Evaluation of the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund and the Border Infrastructure Fund Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund and Border Infrastructure Fund Completed July 2013
Evaluation of the Building Canada Fund–Communities Component Building Canada Fund–Communities Component In progress April 2015
Evaluation of the Gas Tax Fund Gas Tax Fund In progress March 2015
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