Departmental Performance Report
Section 1 - Text description - Programs


Information on the announced figures of Infrastructure Canada's funding programs is provided in the following four circles. Starting clockwise, Base Funding, Sunsetting Programs and Targeted Programs. The fourth circle located in the middle of the other three lists the themes that are central to the areas described below: Competitive Economy, Cleaner Environment, Liveable Communities.

Base Funding

Funding is directed to provincial territorial and municipal governments addressing priorities in every jurisdiction and supporting the restoration of fiscal balance. Through the Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Base Fund ($2.3 billion announced in Budget 2007), each jurisdiction receives base funding to address their core infrastructure priorities. Through the Gas Tax Fund ($2 billion annually confirmed in Budget 2012), municipalities are provided with predictable funding to address local infrastructure priorities.

Sunsetting Programs

Other programs include the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund ($4.3 billion announced in the 2001 and 2003 Budgets) supporting larger projects that sustain economic growth and improve quality of life; the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund ($1.2 billion announced in Budget 2003 and augmented in 2006), enhancing liveability through small scale municipal projects in urban and rural communities and the Border Infrastructure Fund ($600 million announced in Budget 2001), investing in physical and transportation system infrastructure and improved analytical capacity at border crossings.

Targeted Programs

Building Canada Fund ($8.8 billion announced in Budget 2007) is largely delivered through two components, the Communities Component oriented to projects in smaller communities and the Major Infrastructure Component oriented to larger infrastructure projects of national or regional significance. Infrastructure projects also benefit from the Green Infrastructure Fund ($1 billion announced in Budget 2009); oriented to projects that improve the environment and the economy.

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