Departmental Performance Report for the period ending March 31, 2012 - Section 1 - Text description - Figure 3

Program Activity Architecture (PAA) Structure

Tier 1: Strategic Outcomes

Strategic Outcome 1:

Provinces, territories and municipalities have federal financial support for their infrastructure priorities.

Strategic Outcome 2:

Funding for quality, cost-effective public infrastructure that meets the needs of Canadians in a competitive economy, a clean environment and liveable communities is provided.

Strategic Outcome 3:

Construction-ready infrastructure projects are provided with federal funding support.

Tier 2: Program Activities:

Program Activities under Strategic Outcome 1:

Program Activity 1: Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Base Fund
Program Activity 2: Gas Tax Fund

Program Activities under Strategic Outcome 2:

Program Activity 1: Building Canada Fund-Communities Component
Program Activity 2: Building Canada Fund-Major Infrastructure Component
Program Activity 3: Green Infrastructure Fund
Program Activity 4: Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund
Program Activity 5: Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund
Program Activity 6: Border Infrastructure Fund
Program Activity 7: Economic Analysis and Research

Program Activities under Strategic Outcome 3:

Program Activity 1: Infrastructure Stimulus Fund
Program Activity 2: Building Canada Fund-Communities Component Top-Up

Program Activity: Internal Services

This program activity supports all strategic outcomes within the organization.

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