2014 New Building Canada Fund: National Infrastructure Component
Project Business Case Guide for Proposed Projects

The New Building Canada Fund – National Infrastructure Component (NIC) will provide contribution funding on a merit basis for public infrastructure projects of national significance, particularly those that contribute to federal objectives of economic growth and productivity. In order to ensure these program objectives are achieved, all projects presented for funding consideration under the NIC must be supported by a project business case demonstrating how the project meets both the common project criteria, as well category specific outcomes and project criteria.

This guide has been prepared to assist proponents in completing and submitting a project business case. Should a business case be selected for a detailed federal review, Infrastructure Canada officials will be in contact with project proponents and may seek clarification or additional information. A detailed federal review of the business case forms the basis of a departmental recommendation regarding conditional approval-in-principle of the project. Should a project be approved-in-principle, proponents will receive a letter from the Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs that outlines, among other details, the conditions of federal funding. Notably, eligible project costs can be incurred as of the date of the approval-in-principle letter. Final project approval and the reimbursement of eligible costs are subject to the signing of a project contribution agreement.

There will be a "soft" threshold for a minimum project size of $100 million in total eligible costs. However, projects with costs below this threshold that can demonstrate national significance could be considered, as determined by the Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs.

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