Evaluations - Evaluation of Infrastructure Canada's Economic Action Plan Initiatives - Annex 3 - text description

Annex 3 – EAP Logic Model – Text Description

Logic model describing the Economic Action Plan Model. Information flows from left to right. Under each component more details are provided.


  • Infrastructure Stimulus Fund
  • Building Canada Fund – Communities Component Top-Up
  • Funding for National Trails Coalition


  • Developing partnerships with delivery partners and other stakeholders (e.g. Provinces and Territories)
  • Negotiating SLAs, Contribution Agreements, F/P/T Cost-Shared Agreements
  • Streamlining processes and program authorities (TB Subs, exemptions to Transfer Payment Policy, Environmental Assessments)
  • Performance monitoring and reporting


  • Developing partnerships and negotiating agreements mean additional project funds leveraged and approved/signed agreements.
  • Streamlining processes and program authorities mean accelerated and streamlined project selection and approvals.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting ensure projects are tracked through performance reports (progress of projects, SIMSI).

Immediate Outcomes

  • Construction-ready projects are provided with timely and temporary federal funding support. (Note: Funds committed but not necessarily flowed. The type of primary funding recipients vary depending on program.)

Final Outcome for INFC (Intermediate Outcome for EAP government wide)

  • New infrastructure is built and existing infrastructure is improved.

EAP government wide

  • INFC contribution to the EAP government-wide initiative.

Note regarding the logic model: INFC infrastructure investments are part of the EAP government-wide initative to help offset the effects of the global recession on the Canadian economy.

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