Final Report - Joint Evaluation of Infrastructure Canada's Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund and Border Infrastructure Fund
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Graphic 1: Alignment of CSIF and BIF Program Objectives to the Federal Government's Priorities

The graphic:

  • Lists the Investment Category Objectives for each program (i.e. Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund and Border Infrastructure Fund);
  • Lists the Government Priority Themes for period of 1999 to 2011; and
  • Uses coloured arrows to indicates the alignment of Investment Category Objectives to Government Priority Themes.

The table below indicates these alignments.

Program / Investment Category Objectives Government Priority Themes
Stimulating the economy Sustainable development Improving the health of Canadians Helping workers develop their skills and obtain employment Keeping Canadians safe Supporting Canadian families Making government more effective through public-private partnerships Managing the deficit Investing in the North
Border Infrastructure Fund (BIF)
Improved flow of people and trade between Canada and the United States at impacted border crossings x                
Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF)
Safer and more efficient highways and rail x                
Safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable transportation x x              
Increased tourism x x              
Improved access to clean and safe drinking water   x x           x
Improved treatment of municipal wastewater   x x           x
Increased online access to key services in recipient communities       x   x     x
Improved quality of life of Northern Canadians; and support for sustainable economic development and competitiveness                 x

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