Travel and Hospitality Expenses - Sohi, Amarjeet - Minister - 2 June to 1 September 2016

2016-12-30 - Proactive disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses are now available on Canada's Open Government Portal.

2 June to 1 September 2016

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
* Total $ 11,032.00
2016-07-06 to 2016-07-11 Quebec Tour including attending the Meeting of Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for Local Government, meetings with stakeholders including mayors and municipal organizations, funding announcements and a press conference and tour to mark the first year of construction of the new Champlain Bridge Corridor Project. $ 2,318.00
2016-07-14 to 2016-07-16 To attend a meeting with the Mayor of Calgary, to attend the Calgary Ring Road announcement and to meet with stakeholders at the Bell Studio and Calgary Stampede. $ 1,214.00
2016-06-23 to 2016-06-24 To deliver closing remarks at the Canadian Water Summit and attend a roundtable discussion with water and wastewater experts. $ 952.00
2016-06-19 to 2016-06-23 To attend Cabinet Committee, meeting with Ontario ministerial counterpart, departmental meetings and to attend the Indigenous Day Sunrise Ceremony. $ 1,163.00
2016-06-08 to 2016-06-12 Meetings with the United States Government Administration, World Bank, Department of Transportation and think tanks to discuss the federal infrastructure program, International Monetary Fund and infrastructure financing. $ 1,857.00
2016-06-02 to 2016-06-03 To attend the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference. $ 1,118.00
2016-08-20 to 2016-08-23 To attend a Cabinet Retreat. $ 1,520.00
2016-07-04 to 2016-07-06 Departmental business, and meetings with stakeholders. $ 890.00

* Total includes all applicable taxes.