Travel and Hospitality Expenses - Sohi, Amarjeet - Minister - 2 March to 1 June 2016

2016-12-30 - Proactive disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses are now available on Canada's Open Government Portal.

2 March to 1 June 2016

Travel Expenses

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
* Total $ 11,056.00
2016-03-23 to 2016-03-24 Deliver a speech at the Richmond Board of Trade and meet with the Mayors Council. $ 2,497.00
2016-03-29 to 2016-03-31 Speech at Edmonton chamber of commerce speech, media events and stakeholder meetings including Mayor of Red Deer, Treaty 8 and Metis Council. $ 857.00
2016-04-04 to 2016-04-06 Meetings and briefings by the department. Meetings with stakeholders and counterparts including Nova Scotia provincial ministerial counterpart, BC provincial ministerial counterpart and Nunavut territorial ministerial counterpart. $ 1,884.00
2016-04-06 to 2016-04-08 Tour of the Toronto Transit Commission Harvey Shop, media events and stakeholder meetings including AMO, York Region and Ontario Ministerial counterpart. $ 1,516.00
2016-04-24 to 2016-04-26 To attend the Cabinet Retreat. $ 1,470.00
2016-05-05 to 2016-05-06 Montreal Board of Trade Speech and meetings with Québec Minister of Finance, Québec Minister of Municipal Affairs and Québec Minister of Transport as well as a meeting with the Mohawks of Kanawake and a visit of the Atwater water station with Mayor of Montreal and Québec Minister responsible for the Montréal region. $ 504.00
2016-05-14 to 2016-05-15 To attend the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Annual Conference 2016 as well as attend meetings with provincial Ministerial counterpart, other Federal Minister and Chief of Staff to the Premier. $ 1,912.00
2016-05-25 to 2016-05-26 Travelled to Saskatchewan for Meeting with Mayor of Saskatoon, Visit to Whitecap First Nation, Speech to the Saskatchewan City Mayors Caucus, Speech to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Meeting with Saskatchewan Ministerial counterpart. $ 416.00

Hospitality Expenses

Date Event Description Total Cost
* Total $ 33.00
2016-03-18 Dinner meeting with local Mayor in Edmonton. $ 33.00

* Total includes all applicable taxes.