New Champlain Bridge - Vaudreuil Rapids project

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The map shows an aerial view of Vaudreuil rapids area, in the Outaouais river. The Taschereau bridge is pictured at the North end of the image and Aux Pins island is at the South end. The municipality of Vaudreuil-Dorion in on the West Shore. On the East Shore is the municipality of Pincourt. Irregular shaped areas in the river, with red or green contour lines, indicate where the project will occur:

  • The largest area is at the center of the image. This area is made of three contiguous green areas. Green indicates fast flowing water. The overall shape of this area is very irregular with several “arms” going in different directions.
  • Above this central area are three smaller areas just downstream of Taschereau Bridge. One is red and adjacent to the West Shore. Red indicates slow flowing water. Another area is green and located at the center of the river. The third area is also green and adjacent to the East Shore. Their shapes are irregular but generally oval.
  • Just west of the central area is a smaller red area surrounding a very small shape which is Ronde island. Just east of the central area, close to the Pincourt shore, is the smallest area of all. It is red.
  • Just below the central area, are three smaller green rectangular areas. Two are between Aux Pins island and Bray island. Bray Island is very close to the West Shore. The third area is located in a small channel of water between Bray Island and the West Shore.
  • A red area is found just below one of the rectangular green areas and along Aux Pins island.
  • A dotted line in a reverse “S” shape in the river, from the Taschereau bridge to Bray island, represents the navigable route.

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