New Champlain Bridge - Video of the model

Model of the New Champlain Bridge (text description)

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Text description of the video

The video starts with a close up shot of a wooden scale model of what the New Champlain Bridge will look like.

The camera zooms out revealing more of the bridge. The camera travels the length of the bridge, turning slightly to show photos of the construction site hanging on the walls around the wooden model.

The image then transitions revealing a group of young children surrounding the wooden model and listening to an engineer describing the construction process.

The camera pans the room as the children listen intently to the engineer.

The image then transitions back to the original empty room featuring only the wooden model surrounded by the construction site photos hanging on the walls.

The camera then slowly approaches one of the walls with the photos. The camera zooms in close to one of the photos focusing in on a logo for the New Champlain Bridge and the Government of Canada wordmark, before fading to black.

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