New Champlain Bridge - Lapierre Island Project

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Project Characteristics for Plants and Wildlife :

The map shows an aerial view of Lapierre Island. Several coloured areas are situated at the northeastern tip of the island to indicate the project's various components:

  • The biggest area is at the center of the project's zone. This oval-shaped area is dark blue-coloured and represents deep water. Three channels linking this area to the river are also depicted.
  • Above and along the superior edge of this dark blue area is a yellow-coloured long thin area representing a marsh which is also an aquatic berm. This area consists of the superior limit of the project.
  • A long thin green–coloured area with blue patterns, also representing a marsh, surrounds the bottom edge of the dark blue area.
  • Directly underneath this area is another green and blue-coloured (but with different patterns) similarly shaped area representing a floodplain.
  • Directly underneath this area is a long very thin purple-coloured layer that represents shrub swamp.
  • A long thin orange overlay surrounds the bottom edge purple-colored area, which represents the inferior limit of the project.
  • Spread across the island, from its center toward East, there are eleven grey areas representing existing rock piles. Three of them are located in the project's zone described above.
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