New Bridge for the St. Lawrence - Video of the design

Design for the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence (text description)

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Text description of the video

The video starts with an introductory slide with a blue cityscape silhouette and, in blue, the name of the project in French "Projet de corridor du nouveau pont pour le Saint-Laurent," and in English "New bridge for the St. Lawrence corridor project." The Government of Canada corporate signature and wordmark are also displayed at the top.

A classical piece begins to play.

The slide transitions to a view of downtown Montréal from the Mont Royal observatory looking towards the St. Lawrence River, St. Lawrence Seaway, and a computer-generated version of what the new bridge for the St. Lawrence will look like. The main span over the St. Lawrence Seaway is cable-stayed.

The computer-generated video then zooms in on the new bridge, providing views of the new bridge from several vantage points looking at the full span of the new bridge from a distance.

In one view, there are cars driving on the two outside corridors of the new bridge with another corridor in the middle and a multi-use path on the downstream side of the new bridge.

Another view includes cars on the two outside corridors, buses on the middle corridor, and bicycles and pedestrians on the multi-use path. The multi-use path has benches for people to sit on.

There are also views from under and above the new bridge.

The bridge is shown mostly in the daylight.

Near the end of the video, the vantage point returns to the view from the Mont Royal observatory as it transitions to night time.

The video concludes with a credits page, which includes the logos of the following organizations: ARUP; Dissing, Weitling architecture; Provencher Roy; and Groupe SMi.

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