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How it's done

Construction of the Weymouth Library project in Weymouth, Nova Scotia

The library in Weymouth, Nova Scotia was really old and small, so the town built a new one.

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The old, 2-storey Weymouth Public Library building

This is what the library used to look like.

Constructing the wooden plywood frame of the new library building

The old library is gone and the walls of the new library are being built.

Adding roof trusses to the library frame

Now we need to finish the library's new roof.

Installing foam insulation to the exterior walls of the building and finalizing the shingled roof

We insulate the walls to keep the library warm and dry.

A construction worker uses an electric lift truck to install sheet rock and tape the interior walls and ceiling

We use a machine called an electric lift truck to paint the new ceiling.

The front of the new Weymouth Public Library building, with grey siding exterior walls and a paved parking lot

Here is the new library!

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