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How it's done

Development of the Meadow Drive Community Park in Nanaimo, British Columbia

The kids in Nanaimo, British Columbia, have parks to play in, just like in your neighbourhood. These photos show how the workers built the Meadow Drive Community Park.

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Two excavator buckets in a leveled field of bare earth

Here is the land before the park was built.

Excavated earth flanked by a gravel path and freshly seeded areas

The workers start by flattening the land and digging a hole to make sure the playground structure is strong enough for kids to play on it.

A new gravel pathway leading through open areas of landscaped topsoil, ready for seeding

We make new trails so visitors can explore the park.

Rock outcrops and new grass in open areas of the park, near gravel pathways leading through the forest

We also add gravel to the paths and planted grass.

A new wooden play structure on sand, in a grassy area of the new community park

Now the park is finished and ready for kids to use the huge play structure.

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