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What is infrastructure?

Simply put, it's the physical backbone of a community. It helps:

  • efficiently move people and goods and get them to where they need to be;
  • provide safe drinking water;
  • keep the air and water clean; and
  • offer public facilities for recreation, sports and culture.

Infrastructure is all around you: roads, sidewalks, public transportation systems, water treatment plants, museums and galleries, sports facilities, parks and trails, just to name a few.

New Building Canada Plan

The $53B New Building Canada Plan is the largest and longest federal infrastructure plan in our nation's history – The New Building Canada Plan – New details!.

Gas Tax Fund

$2-billion-a-year federal Gas Tax Fund supports local infrastructure priorities. Canadians in all municipalities benefit – learn more.

Did you know?

To date, $13B has been invested in municipalities through the federal Gas Tax Fund, with close to $22B to flow over the next 10 years.

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