Completed Access to Information Requests - March 2014

Access to Information requests completed from March 1 to 31, 2014

Request Number Summary Disposition Number of pages disclosed
A13-019 Records pertaining to any discussion related to the Distribution Line connecting Eddontenajon and Iskut to the Northwest Transmission Line and any memos, briefing notes, emails, written correspondence and any other documents relating to the Distribution Line including, but not limited to, records pertaining to:
  • discussions between the government or private individuals or organizations; and
  • documents related to the annual progress report to Canada, required to be delivered by June 30 of each year by Schedule D.1.1(b)(ii) of the related Contribution Agreement; and
  • documents related to the $130 million in Green Infrastructure Funding that BC Hydro received from Canada for the above mentioned Distribution Line; and
  • any information and analysis of the green house gas emissions compared to provincial greenhouse gas emission commitments or other predicted environmental impacts of the Northwest Transmission Line used as background information in the above mentioned discussions, including, but not limited to, any Regulatory Impact Statement or strategic environmental assessment.
Specifically, any new records created after our previous request, your file number A-2012-000056.
Disclosed in part 1643
A13-022 All records, including internal government emails related to the joint federal-provincial announcement at Calgary Stampede Park on October 31, 2013 including previous announcement(s) and postponed announcements(s). Disclosed in part 1014
A13-025 All emails, letters and other means of communication sent from or sent to Peter Wallace (Policy and Communications, Communications, Director General's Office), concerning the new Champlain bridge, between November 4th and December 3rd, 2013 Disclosed in part 275
A13-032 All records related to the cost of the delegation who attended Cardinal Lacroix's elevation ceremony on February 22, 2014. Costs should include but not be limited to; hotel, transportation, meals. No records exist 0
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