Completed Access to Information Requests - April 2012

Access to Information requests completed from April 1, 2012 to April 30, 2012

Request Number Summary Disposition Number of pages disclosed
A11-016 All callups (PWGSC form 942 or departmental equivalent) issued under the terms of the TBIPS (Task Based Informatics Professional Services) Standing Offer (EN578-055605) in the NCR during the month of June 2011. Disclosed in part 17
A11-051 All project records pertaining to "beautification and streetscape" in the Ontario Township of Seguin under the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund. Disclosed in part 615
A11-052 All project records pertaining to the construction of a band shell and public washrooms in the Township of Lake of Bays under the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund. Disclosed in part 601
A11-070 All records prepared for John Forster for his November 2, 2011 appearance at the Standing Committee on Public Accounts including but not limited to; memos, briefing notes, talking points, deck presentations, backgrounders from September 15, 2011 to November 2, 2011. Disclosed in part 954
A11-083 Please provide me with any and all documents, including e-mails, wherein (specific employee) deployment from Infrastructure Canada to Human Resources and Development Canada is mentioned, inferred to or implied. (Specific employee) left a position as Proof-reader at Infrastructure Canada to start working at HRDC as Senior English Editor in June 2011. Disclosed in part 9
A11-084 Documents and information on building materials, contracts and schematics for integrated water, sewer and roadwork project on Ottawa's Indian Road and Rita Avenue, completed November 29, 2010. Federal funding provided by Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (Budget 2009) $1,666,667. No record 0
A11-085 Documents regarding building materials, contractors and schematics for Economic Action Plan stimulus project: City of Ottawa, local road infrastructure, pedestrian, new sidewalks - city wide. No record 0
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